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Paella, the National Dish of Spain...
It is possible to list all the regional dishes of Spain, but there is no doubt that the best known and most representative is Paella Valenciana. Special days and festivals are commemorated outdoors in the countryside around the city of Valencia by preparing a big meal of rice, seasonal vegetables, seafood and meat. The "paellera" is a round, wide, shallow metal pan with two or more handles and a depth varying between 1 1/2 and 3 inches. It was originally called "arroz a la valenciana", but it came to be called "Paella Valenciana"
The interest in cooking Paella Valenciana spread to other Spanish regions and evolved to include "Paella Marinera" in zones where seafood is plentiful. This rice dish is based on a substantial broth (stock), the formula for which has been passed down over centuries. It is definitely worth a try. The results are truly splendid!